CDC Accounting was set up by Chris Cheeney, who has long had a passion and gift for making companies run more efficiently. This goes back to his time working in the corporate sector, when he was known for his ability to scrutinise businesses’ operations and suggest ways they could make or save money.

In 2008, he became involved in the financial side of a salon business and brought what he had learned about financial and tax efficiency to a brand new sector. By investigating how this sort of business functions, he was able to adapt his knowledge accordingly and bring sector-specific advice to the salon industry.

This experience made him realise his talent for quickly getting to know business and how they work, and the importance of tailoring accountancy services to individual businesses rather than offering one-size-fits-all solutions.

Today, CDC Accounting offers:

  • Award-winning accountancy services
  • A focus on consistency
  • A pro-active and tailored approach
  • Consistency and meticulous adherence to deadlines
  • A personal touch
  • Support when you need it

Whatever your business or industry, we’re here to help ease the admin burden of accounting on your business and allow you to spend the time you need to help it grow. Take the first step today by contacting us!