Business Clarity with the Huddle System

People fist-pumping over a table with laptops

In the running of a business, it is important to have a secure, dependable and easily-accessible system in place for the management of your company’s important content – from timed plans and business goals, to cash flow sheets and forecasts.

Huddle is a cloud-based online collaboration platform, used by CDC Accounting – both internally and with our clients. We also encourage clients to integrate the Huddle system into their own salon businesses, for the improved flexibility, communication, efficiency and accountability that the system enables.

For the days when you are on the move, your accessibility doesn’t have to change – the Huddle system is mobile and supported by all key app providers, so you can access your content wherever you are, even when offline.

Diverse file permissions can be set depending on the nature of file content – so more sensitive files such as cash flow sheets can be stored and accessed differently to appointment lists – and users have visibility of who has access to the files at any given time. Huddle can also be remotely wiped of a device is lost, stolen, or the existing user’s access needs to be revoked, with various settings such as PINs available for increasing security further.

Target Setting & Progress

Using Huddle can simplify the setting of targets – whether they are daily, weekly, or monthly.

Historical performance can be assessed, and plans can be clarified from the outset, for the appropriate distribution of team responsibility, and assurance that all colleagues can track their individual development, clear on which areas of the business require their personal focus – such as offers or key products – for your business’ targets to be met.

A straightforward portal with access to clear plans can also benefit the business in other areas – as an example, employees with access to individual treatment schedules can provide a more personalised client experience, which can, in turn, lead to improved client loyalty.

Forecasting for the Future

When used to manage your financial documents, Huddle can assist with maintaining the organisation of your finances from one week or month to the next.

Through Huddle, you can track the flow of your finances, and make allowances for any due or unexpected expense against your budget, review hours and wages, and make plans for the future based on your figures – from spreading out bill payment dates, to setting aside money for refurbishment or bills, or establishing if more appointments to be filled at a particular time to remain in line with your finances.

What next?

For more information about Huddle, visit our informative video – to learn more about the other platforms used here at CDC Accounting, and the variety of clinic accounting services and packages available, you can visit our website, or call us on 01490 372012.